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Use Social Marketing To Harness The Power Of Diner Loyalty

Download our FREE data sheet to check out our one of a kind restaurant marketing system. Our end to end solution is full service, measurable and will get you results.

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It's No Longer About Email

When is the last time you read through your email advertisements? We can’t remember either. Social Offers and text messages are the wave of the future. Demo our one of a kind Social Offer Engine to learn how our platform makes attracting diners with Social Offers and Text Messages A Breeze!

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Schedule A NO OBLIGATION, Private Consultation

Sign up for a private, one-on-one, no obligation consultation to discuss how you can utilize our one of a kind Restaurant Marketing Platform to grow your Restaurant

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It's Actually About YOUR Brand

You worked hard to build your Restaurant’s brand and reputation. Why would you use a template? Let us pair you with a dedicated designer, paired with them, ensuring that all campaigns and communications are branded TO YOU.

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We NEVER Impose Limits On You!

You want to grow your restaurant endlessly, yet so many “marketing partners” out there do nothing but impose limits on how you can use their system. With our marketing system, enjoy unlimited text message campaigns, unlimited Facebook and Twitter ad campaigns and unlimited email campaigns, no matter how big your diner database is.
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You Wear Enough Hats. Let Us Wear One Or Two For You

You have enough on your plate. Running your Restaurant Marketing Campaigns SHOULD NOT be one of them. Let us pair you with a dedicated Concierge assistant, that will handle all your marketing campaign needs, freeing you up to focus on your day to day business.

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Our System Is Built On The Salesforce.com Cloud

As they say, with size comes stability and security. Our platform is built on one of the largest, most secure cloud computing platforms in the world. No matter what type of device you are using, you can access your data and campaigns, in real-time.
restaurant marketing with no strings attached

Loyalty without the strings attached.

It's amazing how many restaurant loyalty solutions exist today. In reality, they're all the same; either hard for the end user, or yet “another platform” to incorporate into your already large number of platforms required to run your restaurant. DinerCentric is different. We do it all for you. You have a dedicated Marketing Concierge that will work tirelessly for you making sure your customers are engaged, loyal and frequently returning. Your Marketing Concierge will do the things for you that you do not have the time to do, allowing you to focus on what is most important… your restaurant.
move beyond restaurant emails and go mobile.

To Truly Engage Your Customers, You MUST Move Beyond Email.

Email may still have it’s place in your restaurant marketing plans, but you have to look beyond email and communicate with your loyal diners where they spend almost all their time. You need to transcend email and move to mobile. Making your offers easy for your diners to grab to their mobile phones and bring in to redeem at your restaurant makes them more likely to dine with you more often.
Your restaurant marketing has to be measurable. DinerCentric can do this for you.

Data Is The New Bacon.

The vast majority of the Restaurant Marketing platforms on the market advertise many ways to engage with your diners. The problem is they have no way of analyzing any of the information their platform is gathering. DinerCentric allows you to track critical, deep diving analytics that go beyond simply reporting “redemption”. Track restaurant ROI, Offer and campaign comparisons and plan specific marketing messages to specific diners on the basis of their order history, easily and seamlessly.
reward regular diners with extra offers via text message

Reward regulars. Encourage “future regulars”.

Deep dive analytics allows you to reward the most loyal regular customers you have easily, and automatically through the automated workflow of our one of a kind “hands off” system. New customers are encouraged to re-engage with your restaurant at key points in their budding relationship with your restaurant, giving them the highest probability of being one of your newest regular diners.
Our restaurant marketing platform is cloud based.

Cloud Based on one of the largest, most secure clouds in the world means you are ALWAYS on.

Our one of a kind Restaurant Marketing Engine is built on the Salesforce.com cloud. Whether you are a single unit restaurant or a multi unit international chain of restaurants, you can rest assured that all your data, no matter what region of the world you are in is always on and always secure.

All For Only $99 per month

All plans are month to month. No long term contracts are EVER required.


  • Exclusive, Dedicated, Concierge Marketing Assistant assigned to you
  • Custom Branded Marketing Layouts & Messages
  • Custom Sign Up Widget For Your Website, Facebook Fan Page Or Anywhere Else On The Internet
  • Unlimited Facebook Advertising Offers
  • Unlimited Text Message Offers
  • Twiiter posts for offers included
*All packages require a one time, $199 set up


  • Custom Designed Restaurant Websites
  • Social Media Management
  • Inbound Marketing Services
  • Menu Design & Printing